My Bonneville Journey

My journey to Bonneville started after I bought my first sportbike in 2005. I was planning to go to the 2005 USFRA World of Speed, but shortly before the event, it was canceled due to the course being underwater :(


September 3, 2006. First year at Bonneville and the Bub Speed Trials, 2005 R6 with only minor mods (Power Commander III, K&N Air Filter) running on pump gas, though last run with ERC fuel. Best run was 149MPH, the speedometer read 164.


September 2, 2007 again at Bub. New bike (2006 GSX-R 1000) but pretty much stock running on pump gas.

156MPH, only 7 MPH faster then my R6... a little disapointed since the bike should do 185+ MPH (though that is with a skilled smaller rider on asphalt), but I blame it on poor salt conditions... oh, and the lack of skill. I'll do better next year ;)


September 2, 2008 bike with a few minor mods running on pump gas.

163MPH (though speedo read 181MPH), again 7MPH faster then last year.

New Mods for 2008

Missed 2009 and 2010 :( Getting ready for 2011!

Plans for next time

Plans for After 175 MPH

Future Plans

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