Sherman and Vincent at RoboGames 2018

Wow another year went by so fast, didn't have much time to work on our two sumo bots. Sherman got an extra wheel on each side, and the RCX brick is now suspended by four technic beams. The changes were done to help Sherman from tipping forward out of the arean when he gets to the edge. Vincent got some more armor up front, and tank treads. So now we have 2 robot tanks! Right before the compitition I realized Vincent was moving ok to start, but then after he detects the edge, he is running really slow. Didn't have time to fix it, but after robogames, looking at the code, I think his power settings are not right... too bad I didn't figure it out a week sooner. There is always next year!

Both robots made it past the first round, probally thanks to a bit of luck. The Australian team was super cool and gave Isabella a little Koala holding a flag after their round.

In round two both bots were quickly defeated.

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