Tank Target Drone Mark I

Mark I has only one motor so it can only move forward and back. It is a very simple and reliable design.

Version2: Shares the same ATtiny85 control circuit as Version 1. The base is aluminum, with 1/8" steel side armor. Looking forward to future field testing.

Version 2 with the finished aluminum base.

The first piece of side armor in place.

Version 1: The control circuit started with an Arduino and motor shield later envolving to a small custom circuit based on an ATtiny85 and a L293D chip. The construction was a wood base and 1/8" Aluminum plate armor. Field testing was done in November 2014, and a lot was learned. Not too surprisingly, wood and Aluminum did not hold up too well to testing. A 22LR round can easily pierce the 1/8" AL armor at 50 yards.

Using an Arduino before the ATtiny85.

This compact circuit replaces the Arduino and motor shield.

The AL side armor after testing 2014:
The top plate was dented/warped by an indirect hit or glancing hit.
The bottom plate with a clean hole from a direct hit.

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