Nick Radov posted this report to the SBbay_DIR list on July 21, 2001:

I got an argon fill at MBDC today and tried it out for the first time. Works great. Will G and I did a dive a Breakwater to a max depth of 36ft for 54min, then drove to North Monastery and went to a max depth of 89ft for 55min. The water was 51F on the bottom (a little warmer in the shallow area off San Carlos); usually I start to get chilled after about 40min but today I wasn't cold at all. Those two dives used about half of the 6^ft3 tank so I think I could get three dives out of it as long as I don't go deep.

By the way Andy, MBDC wouldn't fill my nitrox tank. Apparently it wasn't sufficiently "oxygen clean" for them so I had to walk up to Manta Ray.

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