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Dive Reports

Below are some dive reports of dives I have been on.

Reports from California

August 15, 1998 trip to Tahoe (Chuck, Melissa, Me) Pictures!

August 29, 1998 trip to Lover's Cove, Monterey (Chuck, Melissa, Fred, Me) Pictures!

March 14, 1999 trip to Del Monte Beach, Monterey (Dad, Melissa, Me)


April 1, 2001 trip to the oil rig Grace (Adam, Me) Pictures!

July 21, 2001 Dives at Breakwater/Monastery (Nick, Me)

July 28, 2001 trip to the Palawan/Avalon wreck (Chuck, Me) Pictures!

August 12, 2001 North Monastery (Kevin, Me)

October 28, 2001 trip to the USS Hogan wreck (Me)

Nov 3, 2001 Monastery South and North report (Kevin, Me) Pictures!

November 24th 2001 BAUE dive at Point Lobos (Kevin, Me)


January 15th 2002 dive at Point Lobos (Ian, Nick, Stefan, Kevin, Me)

March 16, 2002 dive at Breakwater, Monterey (Melissa, Me)

April 15, 2002 BAUE get together (Paul, Nick, Glen, Kevin, Me)

May 5, 2002 dive at Carmel Meadows (Kevin, Me) Pictures!

May 18, 2002 BAUE DIR/Scooter Demo with George Irvine Pictures!

June 1, 2002 BAUE get together 2 (Anibal, Mark, Michael, Me) Pictures!

June 16, 2002 dive at Carmel River Beach and Butterfly House (Kevin, Nick, Me) Pictures!

July 13, 2002 Monastery North and South (Kevin, Me) Pictures!

July 20, 2002 Breakwater (Anibal, Mark, Michael, Me) Pictures!

July 27, 2002 North Monastery and Butterfly House (Nick, Alex, Me)

August 18, 2002 Cypress Sea Extreme South Trip (Kevin, Me, and many others) Pictures!

September 5, 2002 Point Lobos/Monastery (Francis, Me) Pictures!

September 14, 2002 Tahoe Trip (Chuck, Melissa, Me) Pictures!

September 22, 2002 Lobos Trip (Anibal, Mark, Michael, Me) Pictures!

October 5, 2002 Lobos Trip (Pete, Me) Pictures!

November 24, 2002 Lobos Trip (Kevin, Nick, Alex, Mark, Pete, Me)

December 7, 2002 Cave Rock Lake Tahoe Nevada (Alex, Me) Pictures!

December 14, 2002 Lobos (Kevin, Mark, Me) Pictures!

December 21, 2002 Breakwater (Nick, Me)

December 28, 2002 Point Lobos (Kevin, Me)


January 4th, 2003 Escapade Boat Trip (Kevin, Me, and BAUE guys) Picture

Febuary 22th, 2003 North Monastery (Kevin, Me)

Places outside of California

August 2000 trip to North Carolina Pictures!

September 2000 trip to Hawaii (Oahu and Hawaii) Pictures!

April 8-16 2001 trip to Cozumel Mexico Pictures!

Cavern/Intro to Cave class in Florida July 2001 Pictures!

July 2002 trip to North Carolina Pictures!

Cave 1 / Apprentice Cave class in Florida August 2002 Pictures!

July 2003 trip to North Carolina Pictures!

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