Posted by Kevin to SFbay_DIR on Saturday November 24th 2001:

I picked up Will G in Dublin and we drove south through rain that was sometimes very heavy with wind and a bit of hydroplaning. I was concerned that this was an intelligence test that we were failing. We were the first to arrive at Pt. Lobos. Dave Chamberlin and Jim Thompson arrived next followed by Nick Radov.

We decided to go and check it out even though the ranger said they weren't advising diving today. When we got down to Whalers cove it was VERY flat without really even any wind chop. Will and I geared up and had a throughly enjoyable dive with vis probably 25-30 feet further out. There was a bit of swell down to 40 feet or so, but it was really only noticeable at the end of our dive in shallow water (15-25 feet). The visability close to the ramp was pretty poor, but all in all, it was a really nice dive.

Nick, Dave and Jim did a mix dive and hit the water after us. They were just about finished with their dive when we had to leave so I don't know how or what they did. (I had to get back for a dinner.)

So, all of you who didn't go down to Lobos today really missed out on a nice day of diving. I wish that I had time to stick around for a second tank.

You couldn't have paid me to tow a boat down in that wind though...

65 ft. max, 45 minutes, 54 degrees.
Kevin Metcalfe

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