Tahoe 9-14-02

Lake Tahoe

September 14, 2002

It only took 4 years to get back to Tahoe, but we finally made it to D.L. Bliss state park.

We left at 5:00am to get to D.L. Bliss before 9:00am, last time we got there too late. Chuck drove all the way to Tahoe.

Some day I will get to dive Emerald Bay.

Rubicon point is in the distance, we didn't know to park closer to the point, so we had a long swim from the parking lot down the beach. We should have parked closer and walked our gear down the trail. On the way back we simply walked in our gear back to the beach.

First dive: We did the long swim and made it to Rubicon Point. The wall is really cool, similar to underwater rock climbing. Wall dives in the ocean usually have tons of life on them and seldom look like rock clifs on land, but in Tahoe, underwater cliffs look like above water cliffs.

On the second dive we took turns playing with my Mako scooter. I was trying to figure out the right tow cord length and get use to it. We were diving in a shallow area in twenty feet of water or so, then suddenly the bottom droped off into deep blue. Ridding the scooter over sand, and then seeing nothing but blue under you is an interesting experiance.

We had to rent a Ford Explorer to cary our six tanks, tons of gear, and my Mako scooter. The gear almost didn't fit.

Melissa drove home, and I got out of driving all together!

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