Diving Del Monte Beach, Monterey Ca

March 13, 1999

Del Monte Beach is right across from the Mc Donalds in Monterey, and next to Monterey Bay Kayaks.  Conditions are usually pretty good here, and the beach is commonly used for Rescue diver training.  There isn't very much to see here, but we went in search of a buffalo half track* that is located 1/4 mile out and in 20 feet of water.  We tried to find the vehicle by lining up land marks on shore, but bad weather conditions, and bad visibility prevented us from finding it on our first dive.

* Although the military vehicle is sometimes refered to as a 'Buffalo Half Track', it is most likely an Amphibious Tractor (amtrac). There is a 'Buffalo Amtrac', which might have been misheard as 'Buffalo Half Track'.

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