Diving North Carolina

August 2000

I planned this trip to dive the U-352 off the coast of North Carolina. Unfortunatly the first day I was supose to dive, it was storming.

For the U-352 dive, I dove with Discovery Diving in Beaufort North Carolina.

I am ready to go. The dive was on the Sea Quest II, it is a crew boat similar to the Cypress Sea, but they go alot faster (20 miles to the site).

Unfortunately most of the underwater photos I took of U-352 did not come out due to lighting, swarms of bait fish, or due to the fact I was really sick and didn't feel much like taking photos. Below are some of the photos.

Can't see... too many bait fish! This is a diving plane.

This is what is left of the deck after the wood has rotted away.

My sister and I looking for shells on the beach. Us on the ferry to the outer banks.

The monument at Kitty Hawk. The Cape Hatteras Lighthouse.

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