Date: Sun Nov 4, 2001 9:13 am
Subject: RE: [ba_diving] what vis?

We tried to do something different yesterday, so we drove by Copper Roof, Butterfly and Carmel River beach. Tube city dudes! :-) We watched a couple of spear fishermen get the hell beat out of them trying to enter into the surf at Carmel River beach. They got hammered in the surf zone and then instead of either immediately exiting, or immediately trying to swim out, they wallowed in the surf for probably a couple of minutes. We were sitting in the car wondering if we were going to have to get out and help drag them in, but they finally got it together and crawled out. Not before getting knocked down a couple of times and I think losing their spear guns.

So we went to [South] Monastary which was ironically pretty sedate. After tri tips at the break water and a quick look at the murky waters there, we headed by Coral Street. It looked pretty rough too, so it was back to Monastary. This time the north side.

The vis was pretty good, but the surge went pretty deep. Probably about 40 feet or so.

Kind of ironic for the legendary "Mortuary Beach" to be one of the calmer sites in the area.

Kevin Metcalfe

Me and is that Trey... oh no, that is Kevin in the red "Trey Cut" drysuit

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