June 16, 2002

June 16, 2002

The following pictures were taken by Kevin

Nick posted this report to the BAUE mailing list:

Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 22:11:51 -0700
From: Nick Radov
To: baue@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [baue] Dive report: Carmel River Beach and Butterfly House 6/16/02

Will, Kevin Metcalfe and I got out for a couple shore dives today. Somehow all of us had dived this area for years without trying Carmel River Beach so we visited there first. Saw the usual rock fish but not a whole lot else (I think Will got a brief glimpse of a sea lion). There was better terrain and visibility further out, but since we had dropped down still near the shore in order to get under the kelp we soon started to run low on gas and had to turn back. Passed another pair of divers on the way. Maximum depth 47ft, run time 0:53.

After lunch we went back to Butterfly House and had a really spectacular second dive. The visibility was definitely better there, I would say at least 40ft out in the deeper water. Saw numerous mating pairs of Archidoris odhneri. Between the slight current and my usual horrendous navigation skills we ended up going further south on the return leg than intended. I had never been over in that area before; the bottom relief was quite impressive and with so much surface light you could really take in the whole scene. Maximum depth 79ft, run time 0:51, temperature 48degF.

Kevin posted this report to the Ba_Diving mailing list:

From: Metcalfe Kevin J NOCA
Date: Sun Jun 16, 2002 10:19 pm
Subject: Carmel River Beach, Butterfly House, June 16,2002

Dove with Nick Radov and Will G. First dive was Carmel River Beach which was a new site for me. The dive started out kind of so, so, but once we got out a bit and around the corner, the visibility and topography turned out very nice indeed. Vis was probably 30' plus. Nothing exceptionally noteworthy except the cold (48 degrees) and a visit by a Sea Lion or Harbor Seal. (I didn't see it personally.)

46ft, 53 minutes.

The second dive at Butterfly House was probably the best beach dive I've ever done. Once we got a bit off shore, the visibility opened up to at least 50', if not more. Also, the terrain was stunning. Awesome walls, boulders, cracks to look in, etc. It isn't often that you can step back and take a look at the big picture around you instead of having to focus on the small things. Almost reminded me of being in Cozumel. Well, except that I was freezing my ass off! 48 degrees again and I'm starting to wonder if I'm immune to argon. :-(

75 ft, 56 minutes.

Nick is either from another planet or some kind of reptile as he wasn't cold.

Did I mention that the water was cold?

Kevin Metcalfe

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