Point Lobos 12-28-02

Point Lobos

December 28, 2002

Kevin sent the following report to BAUE and BA_DIVING:

Date: Sat, 28 Dec 2002 21:51:06 -0800
From: Kevin Metcalfe
To: ba_diving@yahoogroups.com, baue@yahoogroups.com
Subject: [baue] Conditions: Pt. Lobos 12/28

After the standard "Are you sure you want to do this?" from the ranger, Will G and I had a couple of great dives at Pt. Lobos today. Only one other team showed up today and in my opinion, 26 other divers missed out on a good day of diving.

We followed the wall out and around towards the general direction of Bluefish Cove, found the one of the fixed BAUE lines and followed it a bit before turning back. Visibility was about 25 ft or more outside and there was very little surge. Will did a good job navigating and we popped up about 15 yards from the ramp at the end of the dive.

106ft for 1:04
Temp ~50 Oceanic degrees

On the second dive we swam out towards Coal Chute Cove to see if we could check out the caves. Visibility inside the cove wasn't quite as good, but was still 10-20 ft. Surprisingly even on the north side of Whalers Cove there was very little surge and we were able to peek into two of the caves including one that had several Harbor Seals swimming around inside it. On the way back less than stellar navigation on my part left us substantially more than 15 yards from the ramp at the end of the dive! :-) I had the right bearing, I just found myself wandering off course too much.

31 ft for 1:06
Temp about the same.

Just as we were about to drop down on the second dive the rain really started coming down in sheets and the wind picked up, but conditions were not affected while we were under. I wouldn't care to guess about tomorrow though...

Kevin Metcalfe
Pleasant Hill, CA

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