Breakwater 12-21-02


December 21, 2002

Nick sent the following report to BAUE and BA_DIVING:

Date: Sat, 21 Dec 2002 16:04:42 -0800
From: Nick Radov
Subject: [baue] Conditions at Breakwater 12/21/02

Today I was supposed to be diving in Scripps Canyon off San Diego, but that trip was called off due to weather. Will Gore and I decided to try doing a shore dive here so we checked Point Lobos first. It was high, high tide with some really impressive breakers at the rocks outside Whaler's Cove. Back to Monterey.

At about 10:30AM Breakwater was completely deserted; Will and I were the only ones to dive. Due to the tide there were waves breaking right on the staircase but we waited for a gap and walked right in wearing doubles. I expected the surge to be miserable but down below 30ft it wasn't bad at all. Just really crappy visibility: 2-4ft. We spent most of the dive along the wall near the end of the Coast Guard pier and saw all the usual suspects: blue and copper rock fish, painted greenlings, decorator crabs, shrimp, etc. Will's primary light kept cutting out so it was a little difficult to keep track of him. Maximum depth 49ft, run time 56 minutes.

Did anyone else get out today? If not you didn't miss much.


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