Scooter Stuff

Scooter Stuff

In September 2002, I finally got a scooter. I bought the scooter off E-Bay. You can see the reflective tape on the nose, and a compass mount on the body. I pried the compass mount off quickly, but the reflective tape took months to scrape off. The scooter came with the Mako battery charger, and two sets of batteries (although one set was bad).

Within minutes I started modifiying my new scooter. First I disabled the left trigger (cut the trigger cord, and removed the trigger), then I drilled and pinned the right trigger with a 3/32 hitch pin.

I placed a 2 lbs soft weight in the battery compartment, on the side that is down when riding (left side). The scooter rides much better with the weight.

These are the batteries that the scooter came with. Two 12 volt 17ah batteries glued together make one big 24 volt battery.

The new batteries I ordered are Yuasa NP18-12B from Glued together with some silicon from ACE.

This is a picture of my scooter while I was adjusting the tow cord length. One of the latches on my scooter was broken so I had to buy a new one from Lloyd Baileys Scuba, will only sell used latches. In this picture you can see the difference between a latch on a Mako (Top) and a latch from a Gavin scooter.

This is the tub I use to transport my scooter. It is simply a Sterilite 30 Gallon tub from OSH.

I tested the scooter out a few times in Lake Tahoe, but I knew that before I really started using it in Monterey, I should overhaul the rear seal and the drive train. Click Here to see the pictures of the overhaul.

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