Will's bcprogtool-tcl Notes


For Debian 7.5 (Wheezy), the abbreviated basics to get bcprogtool running:
    apt-get install tcl tk tcllib bwidget
    wget http://bcprogtool-tcl.googlecode.com/files/bcprogtool_0.8.m.zip

UPDATE: 2021/02/08 Looks like the project has been archived. You can still download from this URL:

Creating an import File:

I love the idea of doing all my channel programming in some .csv files, and then importing them into my scanner. Trying to figure out the file format that bcprogtool-tcl uses for it's Conventional Radio Files. This is what I have so far:

Sample SYSTEM CNV File:

-First line (SIN = System In?, CNV = Conventional)
SIN,CNV, < Service Name > , < Quick Key > , < Hold > ,0,2,.,2,NONE,,,,0,00
(other fields are things like delay, rec, start. Haven't sorted them out yet)

-Second line (GIN = Group In?)
GIN,C, < Group Name > ,.,0, < Group Number > ,00000000N,000000000W,0,0
(haven't looked into the rest yet)

-Third line (CIN = Channel In?)
CIN, < Channel Name > , < Frequency > , < Mode > , 0,0, < l/o > ,0,0,0,0,0,,,0,,0,0
Then a bunch more CIN lines for the many channels
(haven't looked into the rest yet)

Basically the System will contain several groups. The groups inturn will contain many channels.

So my first attempt at creating a 'System CNV file' called CNV_Marine.csv:
GIN,C,Marine VHF,.,0,1,00000000N,000000000W,0,0
CIN,VHF CH 16,156.800,AUTO,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,,,0,,0,0

Import the csv file:
  Program Radio -> Add New System To Radio
   'Load CNV or Trunked Radio File'
   Load the file
   'Check Data'
   'Save and upload to the radio'

I would love to get a Uniden BCD996P2 digital scanner. Saw in a post on Radio Reference that someone has modified bcprogtool to work with a BCD996P2:
    BCD996T: linux operating system
Trying to see if I can get some details on the changes for this.

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