Linux radio control testing

I really want a linux based tool to operate my BCT15X, ideally something that could run on an outdated laptop or even a raspberry pi (so virtualized Windows program is out). I started testing bcprogtool-tcl in Debian, Centos, and Raspbian. So far, the program looks really good, the only issue is it appears to nolonger be under development. The Author's website is down, and the Google code site hasn't been updated since 2010. Hopefully a linux scanner enthusiast will be inspired to continue with the development.

More notes from playing with bcprogtool-tcl can be found on my bcprogtool-tcl notes page.

Although I don't have a BC125AT, this perl based software look good: bc125at-perl.
  Got the software with a 'wget'
    To run it on Centos 6.8, had to enable the epel repo to install a perl module:
        yum install 'perl(Device::SerialPort)'

Looks like Uniden publishes the protocol information for the BC125AT:

To program my ICOM IC-7000 radio, currently using CHIRP. Works well so far.

To get my AOR AR2500 working in linux, I use Virtual Box, FreeDOS, a USB/RS232 adapter, and the original DOS software written in 1990. It works fine, but I would really like to replace this setup with a Perl or Python script to program the scanner. Currently trying to put together a script to simply turn the light on over the serial interface, and then will expand the script to do useful stuff. Starting by using interceppty to log the serial communications between virtualbox and the scanner.
2016 - received an email to look at Software Setup For Linux - RadioReference going to explore some of those software.

More notes and testing to come...

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